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Humans Are Ascending

The topic of Ascending is very relevant to human beings on this planet for we are also approaching an ascension that is gathering much attention from around this galaxy. This may sound strange but the planet Earth is a special planet that is the product of Duality. What this means is that the very best of the good is living here at the same time as the worst of the bad. Both good and bad are products of Source or All That Is. Part of duality is the clash between both light and dark, and earth is an intense zone where good and bad can clash like nowhere else.

What does this have to do with ascending? One important aspect of ascending to a higher state of awareness is that one goes past the polarity of good/bad and travels to somewhere new; somewhere where good and bad don't actually exist. On earth, we all focus on how this person is good, or this experience is bad, yet seen from a higher, 'ascended' perspective we see that all judgment is dropped and that people and experiences are simply seen as 'being'. In other words, we humans are actually evolving to a state where we can perceive things and events on this world and be detached enough to state that it just is.

Does God/Creator Judge?

This ascended state of being is definitely closer to God. We know that we all come from God or are aspects of God that have become individualised. We are like little walking pieces of the divine but we are 1) physical or encased in matter, and 2) we seem to have a separated consciousness that is 'apart' from all else.

When we begin to ascend, we begin to become aware that we are part of this greater Divine Source. We stop looking at it as something apart from us and something unfathomable that we can only look at but never reach. We begin to understand that being a part of it, we do have the ability to merge into a consciousness that is at once separate in physical matter but also merged into a wholeness with something divine. This is the ascended state.

In this state, we become aware of something new that is above the concept of good versus bad, or duality. We become aware that since all is One, and all is divine, we are merely experiences going on our way and that none of it is good/bad, rather it just IS. Once we move past our judgment, we really are on our way to ascension.

What Does Ascension Mean To Humans?

I love this question because basically, we don't know yet. What we do know is that human beings on this world will create something very new, something that hasn't yet been created. We are unique apparently in this entire universe. We are developing a new kind of awareness that can in fact get beyond the whole mess of polarity not getting along. Not only is good ascending but also so-called bad are also evolving.

The way that the bad/negative life forms are evolving is exactly, more or less, the same as the good side. We are all growing past the ideas we've clung to about needing to battle each other endlessly through never-ending wars or galactic battles. The bad, it seems, got sick of it also. They started to wonder if there was something else, some other way to live.

As we all ascended, good and bad, we grow beyond the ideas of duality and simply begin to exist as ascended beings, who are free to create, live and explore. So what does come next? We will have to ulitimately find out what earth humans can create.

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