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Being Versus Doing

The age old question for humans is when 'Being' who we are means more than what we are 'Doing' - or, what we do is not as important as who we are. This is the spiritual situation we find ourselves in as human beings. However, we have become addicted to associating with what we do (for example, our job) and not who we are. This can create sticky situations for us when we lose our job or retire.

As a question of spirituality, we believe that what we are is quite important, yet the human condition demands that we constantly DO. We focus on our doing almost 100% of the time and it becomes our identity; we Are what we do. This is why unemployment often pains us, and why we live by lists of things that must be completed for us to feel truly satisfied on the inside. Whenever we are quiet or not doing anything, we begin to feel more or less worthless.

As humans, doing something (anything) is our sole source of "happiness". When we can do what we want, we're over the moon. But are we missing the bigger picture? Is this really the spiritual life we were created for, just endless doing, or can we move into a more blissful state of pure being where what we are doing counts for less in terms of our identity. This is the question of the human condition, an essential part of Buddhism, and its not as difficult as you might imagine.

How Can We Simply BE?

There are those throughout history who have achieved this state of associating with Being like Buddha, but there are also lots of people who may have got close to this that we don't usually hear about. It's possible to place our sense of identity NOW not on what we do but who we are in each moment, from moment to moment. It's a slight shift of thinking that may open us up for miracles since it's closer to our natural way of thought.

Our natural composure, before we became obsessed with jobs, careers, money and "getting ahead" was to simply exist, to be. You may not remember this but once on Earth, all we had to do to exist was to walk amongst nature and there was enough food for us. We lived easily is a kind of earth paradise and could cloth ourselves easily and look after our families. We didn't have technology. We remember in a part of ourselves this easy life, which now no longer exists. Today we have created a complex arrangement where we live complicated lives and just to have a home costs us decades of working to afford it - crazy, right? We were once free just to BE. Now we must strive and must do. In fact, we can never stop doing, up to seven days a week (especially if you run a household). All we do now is do. How can we simply be?

As early humans, we were led astray into a new world (the dark ages) that was able to enslave us. The climate on earth changed and the abundance that God provided ran out also, around the time of the great Flood, 13 millennia ago. The flood removed all on the planet and we were left to start again, but without our knowledge. What followed has been a long period of darkness whereby we thought it best to create the current system of slavery, and now we believe it's the only way we can be.

How To Get The Spiritual Balance Right?

We may not yet be able to escape this world and we must work, but we do not have to tie our very identity to our work, or our hobbies. We can just Be if we make up our minds to do so. We all undergo spiritual awakenings and, as part of our awakening we are led towards Self - not in a selfish way but a selfless way. We get to a certain point where we stop focussing on all that is around us and we turn inwards. Imagine if your happiness depended not upon promotions or how your kids grades are doing, not on your car or your business success? What if you suddenly got tired of all of that, that whole big game. Sure the game is fun and it can entertain for decades as we go about working ourself out. But eventually, for every human in some lifetime, we begin to work out that there is more...a big MORE out there. A way to actually break through the human condition (which is an erroneous condition) and actually find a higher way to view all that is here on earth.

Earth is such a special place full of amazing activities we can busy ourself with. But eventually a lot of it gets a bit old and we realise there's another way to do things. You may go through many upheavals in your life and after those you may drift into a sense of self, your self, and ask the spirtual questions: Why am I here? Why is the earth here? What are we all doing here? Such wonderful questions.

You can finally drift into a quiet or peaceful place and stop struggling against the world and look inside. Yes, the answer always lies inside. And in that quiet moment, you see that your happiness and reason for being here, your identity, lies not in outward endeavours but inside, in who you are. The things you do can come and go, but who you are is Eternal. It doesn't matter what anyone on this or any world thinks because you know who you are inside and that is where peace lies. Not listening endlessly to others, or searching outside of you for god knows what. Notice that all you attain on the outside gets old eventually. But do YOU get old? Not really, no.

Eternal Peace; Is It Possible?

There is a kind of inner peace for which we all crave. We crave it because we have a memory hidden deep inside of this very peace, and boy do we want it back. Sometimes we think that peace can be found on a holiday, or maybe when we retire. But I think we all know that not in this busy, workaday world, does this peace exist. Yet if we begin to focus on our world differently, perhaps change our values so that our "doing" is no longer king, and maybe our "being" could be more important, we begin to realise that peace is available to us. Whilst still being in this crazy world, we may step back and change what is inside of us. We may let go of attachments and begin to notice that WE are the gold. It's not our possessions or our big homes but Us who are the actual gold. We focus on our own well-being and we quit identifing with the things that come and go. We are Eternal; we will be around even after death. We go on and we come back again. Why don't we simply identify with "I AM"?

It frees us up. The burdens start to melt away. Peace begins to seep into us and we find something thought lost. But it was never gone, it was only hiding behind all the stuff we focussed on that wasn't really important. This is not just the Buddhist way, it is the way of Peace or freedom. The way to our own freedom. And this is what we may focus on each day, each day of adventure throughout our lives. You know when someone has found Peace, you can always see it right on their face.

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