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Detachment Brings Happiness

The Ascended Masters exist in a state of detachment from personal things, people and experiences. This detachment is so whole they are able to operate from a higher perspective. This is a state that humans may also enjoy for we must remember that the masters were once human. They are here to show us the way to becoming more like masters ourselves. We are capable of evolving our minds and emotional bodies just as they did. They were once just like us; do we want to become more like them? (Hint: whether we want to or not, be are becoming more like them.)

There is often an error of judgment that says personal detachment somehow sounds cold, yet the masters themselves are loving, divine beings. They have not necessarily given up the things they were attached to. Let's make this plain that we are discussing a different 'attitude' and not an 'existence of nothing', or of going without. We do not need to live like monks or be especially aestatic to become more spiritual beings. This is NOT the path. In fact, many of the masters have a part of themself incarnated on earth currently (for example Donald Trump), and they may be exceptionally rich. The idea that money means you are not spiritual is a false idea and this is not what we mean. However, in being more detached from money is what we are talking about. An attitude of detachment. Your happiness is not dependant on it, you are not desperate for it; this is what we mean. You don't go out endlessly looking for money. Your mind is elsewhere focussed.

How Does Detachment Bring Happiness?

The happiness we speak of is a kind of peace that pervades our being. It is a contentment and a joy for living and experiencing. We become lighter and we stop attaching ourselves to lower objects or loved ones. We love them still feircely, but we have a gentle center to us that holds us steady in a more calmer joy. We no longer look for things outside of us to bring us joy, for there are already contstantly many things around us we can look at and interact with. We don't search for them, we allow them to flow to us, or around us, and we watch and cherish all that we see.

This is what the master does, and this is the state of Detachment. It frees us up inside and we stop experiencing wild swings of emotion, being swept this way and that ferociously, due to not getting something we were attached to. One way we can live on earth is the way of Attachment, the way we are used to and were raised to live. Or we can aspire to rid ourselves of attachments as they arise and live wisely without them, living fully without stress or pain. We know we are Eternal beings, we know that all we need flows to us if we have mastered abundance and taken advantage of the incredible supply of "stuff" within the universe. We simply don't need to hang on to any of it tightly out of fear, dread or worry. We go with the flow one day at a time and do what needs to be done according to our soul. What is easier than that?

Unfortunately on this world, it is a tricky thing to master because the world works in different ways. You will probably be the only one trying to master yourself, your emotions and finding detachment. It usually doesn't just arrive; we all have to work on it without any guarantee of success. But the truth of the entire universe is supporting this way forward, the way of personal Mastery. The way that energy flows supports this, the angels and masters support it as well as God or Creator.

If you attain any feeling of what happens when you reach Detachment, even temporarily, you will know immediately that it is the way. It is how we are created from on high, but then we lost this a time back when we descended into physical matter and Earth. It is the way home in a sense.

Mastery has many advantages, and one is the loss of pain. Losing anger is another benefit. The peace you can find is wonderful. Let's look now at why we have attachments to begin with as this information will make the topic that much easier to grasp.

Why Do We Have Attachments?

We learn from birth to attach ourself to our mother and father for we are very vulnerable creators who need to be raised by our parents. We will not come in to earth feeling detached because when we left our last incarnation, we hadn't attained to this yet. In all cases, this is how we are in the world until we become old enough to question it.

We become attached to friends, family, and things like a car, house or even business. We associate our identity with these things, which means we are happy when business or our job is successful and interesting. We conversely suffer if we lose our job or our business goes bust. Whilst we have good friends we may feel pleased, yet if a friend dies or moves far away, again we suffer. This attachment also occurs on the smaller scale and we see our emotions in every way affected by being attached to things.

For example, on the smaller scale, we attach ourselves to anything that we use to make ourselves happy. Hobbies, pasttimes, clothes, activities, and especially even ideas, for example a religion, or a cause like environmentalism. In a small or larger way, we become these things. But why do we attach?

In a way it is right for a human to attach to things in this stage of evolution, for we are going though an ego stage on planet earth. Our ego enjoys all of the things we do. Some people are more so and others less, but we all get stuck on this roundabout. We may feel bad until something new comes along we can attach to, and off we go on another high. We treat all our relationships like this and so we suffer the so-called "human condition" feeling down when we lose something and up when we gain, rather than finding a constant inner peace no matter what.

When we lose something, we feel all the different ranges of pain from disappointment, disgruntled, unhappy, glum, depressed, annoyed, angry to violently out of control in some people. We don't like losing something once it is attached. Even when we haven't lost something, we can experience nervousness just at the thought that we might one day lose it. We suffer from stress, fear, and anxiety. How could we possibly live in a world of change and have inner peace? It's always changing and things are lost. The only way to escape this is to do as Buddha taught, to release all attachments and live in a state of detachment.

Each day we go through the fears of "What if my job ends and I'm sacked." Or "So and so is ill, what if they die". Everyday when we look in the mirror, we feel dissatisfied at our aging face. We look at the weather and feel bad if it's cold or wet. Perhaps we worry our car is getting old, or isn't a good enough model. At work we stress over a million things and we come home to a zillion other worries. We count the days off to the good days, the weekends. We feel bad again by Sunday night, oh no not another week. Each day we feel a range of fears and emotions, and it is impossible not to because we are attached to a million things.

The only way out of these was the way that Buddha showed called detachment, letting yourself go free. It isn't easy to get to a place of detachment whilst living in the modern western world. Even monks in quiet monasteries have troubles with it. But we can begin to let go of some things, just to lessen the pain. We can practise and work on it and see how free it makes us feel. It is possible to get there with some work and careful observation of yourself and your own thoughts.


Our next subject for consideration is that of the Dualistic nature of the earth, or that fact that humans look at all things in a dualistic way; i.e. good or bad, right or wrong, etc. Another good one that Buddha taught is is that everything IS. It simply is. And it isn't good or bad. Is it possible to see the world in this nature, strictly speaking, and is it practical? This is our next article right here.

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