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Put Your Happiness Into "I AM"

Is it possible to be completely happy without possessions, power or wealth? How much do we need all the things we have today to make us happy? I ask this because we live in a consumerist society and all of the above are applauded and mean success. But do they mean "happiness"? It's funny how simple things often make us the most happy, whilst we are told we must buy this and have that. I sometimes wonder, are we missing the point of life?

Life Is Changeable

What does it mean firstly to put our happiness in I AM? The I AM is a statement that reflects our existence. This is the one unchanging factor in our life, for we can never cease to be. Even upon death of the body, we continue on to have an I AM. We may say I AM that I AM, so you are acknowledging yourself and your awareness of yourself.

All else in our human life changes and alters, of course. We are born and we continue to grow (or change) as we pass through many stages of our life, from youth, to teen years, to our peak in our twenties, then on down hill gradually towards old age then finally the ultimate change - death. Our lives constantly change with different jobs and opportunities, children, different spouses. We may move house, lose a job, have a tragedy and as our fortunes rise and fall, so generally does our mood. We put our happiness in everything around us, even though none of it is certain.

Our moods can also change often throughout the day, influenced by the weather, the traffic, our work conditions, who we talk to and then what's on TV tonight. We change so often and this tends to show how easily our very happiness depends on small situations around us constantly. Isn't this exhausting? Some tiny factor can set us off and then we have a bad day. Is this really fair?

Happiness In "I AM"

There is another way we can look at life and that is focussed upon "I AM". Although we don't focus on our existence a whole lot, when we stop and think of it, it can cheer us up. We focus on the fact that we, amazingly enough, are somehow alive and conscious of it - what an amazing surprise. It seems like a treat when we think of this deeply; we ARE. Not only do we exist, but we will keep on existing for, well, Eternity. Imagine living forever and being conscious of it the whole time. This is the reality that we face. And living is rarely boring, for even if the world becomes dull, we have endless things to ponder on and other places to go.

Of course some people truly believe we only have one life to life followed by nothing. But most people on Earth do believe in reincarnation and other dimensions. They believe we are going somewhere with all this living. There's a purpose.

We have our I AM, no matter if the day is going bad, our car breaks down, or we get a really big bill. We can put all of this into perspective suddenly when gauged against Infinity and it no longer seems so depressing. We can be happy. Imagine being happy even when things go wrong. I like this because this is what the Buddhists do and it puts all of life into perspective.

So my view is why don't we stop putting our happiness on things that change or end, like money and power, and instead put our happiness on the one thing that NEVER ends, ourself? What is wrong with us? Absolutely nothing. If something were wrong, we would have an eternity to fix it wouldn't we? We get a new body each time we are born or reincarnated back here. Who cares about wrinkles, let's just enjoy the game. It all depends on how you look at the world.

I often think that life is a game, and we must best find what we are suited to whilst we are here. If it makes us some money then great, but if it doesn't then maybe we weren't supposed to be rich right now. Maybe we can be happy anyway if we look for it. You never know, as soon as you stop thinking about wealth, maybe it will happen. It comes and it goes; you just never know.

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