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The Seven Rays Of Creation

It is not possible to have a discussion about the seven rays without beginning with a discussion about the creation of the universe, and the laws governing this since these are in fact what the rays ARE. Many people speak of the rays in a shallow manner outlining what colours they are and what masters are associated with each ray. However, the truth is the discussion of the rays is in fact the ultimate discussion about the creation of every planet, person and atom in this universe. I wish to do this amazing subject a bit more justice than the average article about the seven rays. If you wish to know what the rays actually are in simple terms, please read on. If you are looking for a pert article about the empty side of the teaching, designed for those who shun deep thinking, you will surely need to find that elsewhere.

The Creation Of The Universe And The Seven Rays

When Creator began to create the multiverse out of Its light, out of Creator's own substance, He/She separated certain aspects out of Its Oneness, out of Unity, and the division of Rays was born. Although all equal in oneness as a part of Creator, these are unique aspects with unique characteristics and qualities. The monadic rays are great oversouls expressing as different characteristics inherent in Creator, different vibrations of energy as well as different colours. It is the  I AM Presence. Being that each are souls (monads), they are great beings that, just like Creator, go on to differentiate themself into more souls, who can then give birth to yet more unique entities that are like Gods. The light substance that animates each comes directly from Creator, they are children of Creator, at once unique and at one with it. They are the children made with love and inherent with divinity.

These souls are then further differentiated into more aspects and so on down through creation. As such, each part/person of creation originates from a certain monad on a certain ray - this monadic ray cannot change, although the lesser ones such as the soul ray, personality ray etc do change. The science behind the rays is literally the science behind creation itself - Let there be light. While each ray personifies certain characteristics, the ray also contains within it that which is each of the other rays, for it is still One, whilst also being unique. It is to master the lessons of each of the seven rays that beings can successfully ascend or climb the ladder of evolution.

Another way to put this in perspective is to consider that we, small human that we are, are actually a part of a grander soul that has eleven other aspects to it (soul mates) making a soul family of twelve. This soul, this collective of individual energies that are One, is simply an emanation of an even grander soul, and so on up the chain. As we ascend into mastery, we become our Higher Self and merge back with our other aspects, and so on up the chain.

Chohans Of The Rays

We associate the rays with certain masters because they belong each on a particular ray and are named as Chohans of the rays.

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